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Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 is a word-processing program designed to help you create professional-quality
documents. It is an application software and a part of Microsoft office package. It allow you to create document
such as letter, bio data, reports etc.

What is the extension of word file?
The extension of word 2013 file is .docx

Default Word 2013 title – Document1
Default font name – Calibri (Body)
Default font size – 11
Default cursor alignment – Left
Default paper size – Letter
Default page margin – Normal
Default document zoom – 100% ( minimum: 10, maximum: 500)

How to open word 2013?
Start > all programs > Microsoft office 2013 > word 2013
Start > type winword > press enter

How to bring the paragraph?
Type > =rand() > press enter [It shows 5 paragraphs]
Type > =rand(10) > press enter [It shows 10 paragraphs]

New (ctrl+n): It is used to create new file

File  > click new  > blank document  > create

Open (ctrl+ o): It is used to open an existing document.

File  > open  > computer >  browse  >  choose location > select or type file name  > open.

Save (ctrl+s): It is used to save a file.

File  > save as  > computer >  browse  >  choose location > type file name  > save.

Save as (F12): It is used to save your document with a different name and different place.

File  > save as  > computer >  browse  >  choose location > type file name  > save.

Print (ctrl+p): It is used to print document file.

File  > print > choose printer, no. of copy, paper size, margin, orientation > print

Protect document: It is used to encrypt your document with a password.

Info > protect document > encrypt with password > type password > ok > save

How to unprotect document?

Open the file >  Info > protect document > encrypt with password > delete the password > ok > save.

How to create a PDF format?

File  > export > create PDF/XPS document > create PDF > type file name > publish.

Close (ctrl+w): it is used to close current document.

File  > close

Autocorrect: It is used to correct word automatically when you type.

File  > options > proofing > autocorrect options > type BU in replace box and type Burdwan University in with box for example > add > ok > ok.

Type BU and press enter to get the result.

Home tab

Clipboard command group

Cut (ctrl+x): It is used to cut any object (text, image etc.)

Select the text > home tab > cut

Copy (ctrl+c): It is used to cut any object (text, image etc.)

Select the text > home tab > copy

Paste (ctrl+v): It is used to paste the copied object.

Set the cursor > home tab > paste.

Format painter: It is used to apply the formatting in multiple places.

At first select your text  > home tab > clipboard command group > format painter > select the text.

How to change font style?

Select the text > home tab > click on font (Calibri (body), arial etc)

How to change font size?

Select the text >  home tab > click on font size or select the text > click on increase / decrease font size


Increase font size: – ctrl+]

Decrease font size: – ctrl+ [

Change case:

Select the text >  home tab > change case > choose any (Sentence case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, Capitalize Each Word, tOGGLE cASE

Clear all formatting:

Select the text >  home tab > clear all formatting

Font effect:

Select the text > font dialog box (ctrl+d)  > choose any (strikethrough, small caps etc.) > Ok

Subscript (ctrl+=):


Type H2O  > select only 2  >  home tab > click on x2 option

Superscript (shift+ctrl++)

Type A2 >  select only 2  >  home tab > click on x2 option

Text effects

Select the text >  home tab > choose any text effect (outline, shadow, reflection etc.)

Text highlight color

Select the text >  home tab > choose highlight color

How to remove highlight color?

Select the highlighted text >  home tab > highlight color > no color.

Paragraph command group


Home tab >  Paragraph command group > bullets > choose any


Home tab >  Paragraph command group > numbering > choose any

Multilevel list:

Home tab >  Paragraph command group > multilevel list > choose format

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